What are the Rules for Travelling with Kids on Making Delta Airlines Reservations?

Travelling with kids can be a herculean task. However, Delta Airlines has made this task a trouble-free affair with its kid-friendly policies. Not only do they ensure a safe and sound travel for kids but also are helpful in maintaining a proper set of rules that the kids must abide for the best flight experience.

Given below are the rules that you must keep in mind while travelling with kids on making Delta Airlines Reservations:

Safe travel for all Especially Children

Delta airlines are very particular about their clients and provide a safe travel experience for children who are travelling by themselves with the help of unaccompanied minor program. The children between the ages of 5 to 14 years will receive an employee escort and some kind of special amenities to provide them comfortable travel experience. You need to pay $150 to raise the request for the unaccompanied minor program and it can be done by visiting the Delta Airlines Official Site. Visit the site once and make a hassle-free reservation for your kid.

Safe travel for all Especially Children

Children travelling alone between the ages of 15-17

Minors between 15 to 17 can also use the unaccompanied minor program but only if their parents or guardians will give the request for this. Here are some of the points you should know before raising the request of Unaccompanied Minor Program.

  1. Delta airlines allow parents or guardians to escort their kids to the gate area through security.
  2. When an unaccompanied minor arrived at the airport, they receive bar-coded wristbands that track their journey.
  3. Delta airlines give authority to kid only lounge with the video games, snacks and a secure area to hangout in flight.

Travelling with your Child or Infant Alone

Delta airlines did their best for the persons who are travelling alone with children or infants. They are here to help families to take flight under the assistance of the airlines. You can know more details about travelling with the infant, with unaccompanied minor travel; you can make a call to the Delta Airlines customer support for raising the request for the program and can also give some special instructions for the security and a safe flight.

Travelling with your Child or Infant Alone

Explore the Delta Airlines Flights online portal for some good to know information about unaccompanied minor program. If you still have any confusion, you can make a call at their customer care.

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